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Multinational corporations, where the moral bottom line

Excessive iodine in Nestle milk powder from Wal-Mart refused to Trade Unions

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Investment is one of the most important content of opening up. 26 years of reform and opening up more and more multinational companies to invest in China. They not only bring capital, technology, has also brought advanced management model and corporate culture, as China's economic development has made outstanding contributions. However, in recent years, multinational corporations in product quality, tax operations, business strategy, government-enterprise relations, the series of a series of problems, caused widespread concern in the community. Therefore, this new understanding multinational series of reports released.

The original purpose of this series of reports not specifically criticize multinational corporations, but to remind the relevant aspects and Chinese companies, Chinese consumers, companies entering China's main objective is to make a profit. The so-called good investment environment, not the indulgence of transnational corporations. A Fadu strict, binding strong investment environment for multinational corporations and host countries can achieve a win-win results.

In that Nestle milk powder Gold 3 + growth of excessive iodine in the news, reporter first time to call a friend. Because this friend once said that his child is mainly consumed milk powder produced by multinational companies. Until that his child to eat another brand of milk powder, the reporter was relax.

Chinese people tend to treat their children as the lifeblood of any hidden dangers for children, especially food safety problems, will cause an uproar in society. In recent years, the frequent occurrence of food safety situation of children involved were not only Chinese companies, more multinational presence.

Nestle milk powder incident is a recent


The event itself is not complicated, it is interesting that the way Nestle deal with problems and attitudes.

Trade and Industry Bureau, Zhejiang Province, recently during a routine inspection found that Nestle milk powder Gold 3 + growth of iodine than the national standard. According to media projections, as early as May 10, Zhejiang Province, the Bureau will inform the Nestle test results, and gave the company 15 days time for the description of the situation, or defend themselves.

However, Nestle did not contain, and no defense.

15 days after the May 25, Zhejiang side will check the results.

Excessive iodine in Nestle milk powder in 25, once the media exposure, immediately aroused strong repercussions in the community. Face from the media swarm, Nestle, on the one hand recognize the really excessive iodine content, on the one hand saying that this kind of milk in line with international standards. Moreover, until June 2, Nestle has been no sign of the product recall, allow the kind of milk to continue to flow in the market.

China's national standard for every 100 grams of milk powder, iodine content allowed between 30 to 150 micrograms, Nestle milk powder packaging bags are so identified. However, the Zhejiang area measured result was 191 ~ 198 mg, more than the national standard. Experts point out that Nestle misleading consumers, against a consumer's right to know.

Nestle's ambiguous attitude has caused the relevant Chinese authorities and consumer dissatisfaction. Zhejiang Industry and Commerce has been informed of the country, calls for sales of children's food business unit failed to initiate an investigation, according to withheld substandard goods. China Consumer Association also criticized the Nestle company can not justify itself, that will depend on the circumstances involved in the investigation and prosecution of the full support of consumer Nestle.

Regarding the question of foreign trade and economic University Professor Xue Rongjiu interview. Professor Xue was referring more to foreign investment in China's transformation from quantity to quality problems. On the attitude of Nestle, Professor Xue said that if Nestle does not believe that the relevant departments can be tested once again.

3 days after exposure milk powder incident, the first suspected victim of child has occurred.

May 28, Chengdu Ms Lau to consumers who sent a letter to Nestle (China) Co., Ltd., said her daughter since 2 months now, consumption of up to 4 years, Nestle has been series of milk, now due to excessive iodine intake many suffering from hyperthyroidism, she asked for a reply on this Nestle. According to media observation, the girl raised his eyes, there is a large mass in the right neck. The mother said her daughter often whole body sweat, tired, appetite surprisingly large.

The girl's doctor said to the young mostly hyperthyroidism occurred in 4 children under the age of the body are quite rare. Although the girls are not sure cause disease and consumption of milk iodine excess related, but if it continues to take iodine food is not conducive to the rehabilitation of the disease.

Pending the Nestle milk powder incident has exposed a long history of multinational companies, for consumers in China, for China's neglect of the child's physical health; in October last year caused a hubbub in the event Wal-Mart refused to Establish Trade Unions, the other was exposed a transnational labor rights abuses.

Wal-Mart union case itself is a satire.

In March 2004, Chinese media have discussed multinational procurement and corporate social responsibility in China, Wal-Mart is praised as a classic by parsing.

Because in the second half of 2003, corporate social responsibility as an international standard SA8000 system in Mainland China. The system requirements related to the protection of labor rights and interests of enterprises reach a certain standard, otherwise their products in international trade will suffer more and more refuse. Wal-Mart is an active advocate of the moral standards, the company required all Chinese companies to its supplier, must meet the SA8000 standard, otherwise it will refuse to purchase their products.

Wal-Mart's request, on the one hand increases the production costs of China-related enterprises, and drew praise from the media and public opinion that this would greatly facilitate more Chinese enterprises to protect labor rights.

Who wanted to, praised by the media for half a year later, in October 2004, media, news broke again, the NPC is found in the inspection of law enforcement, including Wal-Mart, Kodak, Samsung, Dell, KFC, McDonald's, including a number of foreign companies in China for many years without trade union or trade union organizations do not build a sound issue, which Wal-Mart has refused to build trade unions for various reasons.

Wal-Mart trade unions refused to build a time become the most popular news. Not only that, in this union refused to storm the building, media exposure of the more unknown treatment of employees of Wal-Mart side.

According to reports, Wal-Mart employees every morning before work, no matter willing or not, will together shouted, "Give me a W! Give me a A !...... put together what is? Wall M (W al-M art)! Who was the first? customer! "This Wal-Mart-style cheer, is designed to help employees realize the believers like happiness, and thus inspire fanatical devotion to customer staff.

Compared with other companies, Wal-Mart staff in many departments rarely, every staff are extremely busy. Experiencing increased workload holidays, all the office workers, regardless of the district director of operations, executives of various departments or offices of the Secretary, should be put in hand work, to shopping centers helping sales.

The high intensity of labor, endless overtime, and did not stir the anger of workers, most people regard themselves as part of the Wal-Mart, in the "selfless dedication to customers." In this regard, some experts explain, it is because employees are brainwashed, they had only one belief that loyal Two, the hard work.

At this point people finally understand why Wal-Mart will refuse to build trade unions. Because the original purpose of establishment of trade unions is to protect the interests of employees, which Wal-Mart asked employees to work wholeheartedly, the personal gains of religious culture, out of tune. Therefore, Woermaning can donate one million U.S. dollars Tsinghua University China Retail Research Center was established, do not want to take 1 / 10 the money out of the establishment of trade unions.

November 2004, unbearable pressure of public opinion in China Wal-Mart has finally blinked. The company said that if a staff request, Wal-Mart to establish trade unions in China. But until today, at least this reporter has not been any news of Wal-Mart has been the establishment of trade unions.

Excessive iodine in Nestle milk powder from Wal-Mart refused to build trade unions, we have seen, is the multinational companies in China for their own interests, regardless of people's physical health, can ignore the interests of employees.

We do not see where their moral bottom line?

They have a moral bottom line it?

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