Sunday, October 10, 2010

The right to use DAO or ADO to access Access 2000

When you use DAO to access Access 2000, does the following error message?

"Run-time error 3343 Unrecognized Database Format XXX"

This error message has two ways to solve:

1, if you are using the Data Control to connect Access 2000 database when:

You must set the Source Data Control with a line before

Set Data1.Recordset = rsDAO36''rsDAO36 is a DAO 3.6

2, if you quote "Microsoft DAO 3.51 Object Library" to access the Access 2000 database when:

To join parts銆?銆怭roject銆?銆?Microsoft DAO 3.6 Object Library"

If you are using ADO access to Access 2000 in VB6 in the past, using ADO OLEDB Provider 3.51 using the Access 97 database, the program can be normal since the sash 5 is a small Access 97 After Upgrade to Access 2000, you can not facilitate the use of information on Access 2000 library, and do not know whether you have encountered such a problem?

In fact, this kind of thing Microsoft is already thinking accustomed to seeing things the air! Any software as long as a new version and old versions will be incompatible with the problems arise!

This time because of Access2000 has been used Jet 4.0 Engine, so solutions of Q as follows:

In your ADO the Connect String in the Provider must be revised: "PROVIDER = Microsoft, Jet.OLEDB.4.0"


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